Richard S. Kolomejec

Attorney at Law

I am an attorney specializing in immigration law. For the past 20 years, I have assisted hundreds of individuals and their families obtain legal status in the United States. My practice is devoted 100% to U.S. immigration and nationality law. My rates are very reasonable, payment plans are available, and major credit cards are accepted. My office is conveniently located one-half a block from USCIS (formerly known as INS). I always offer a free telephone consultation.

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Family-based Petitions

Family-based petitions include those filed by U.S. citizens and permanent residents on behalf of their immediate relatives (e.g., spouses, parents, siblings, and children). If your immediate relative is a U.S. citizen, then you may be eligible to adjust your status in the United States. Once the paperwork is filed, you can immediately qualify for a work permit and travel permit. The work permit will allow you to obtain a social security card and a California I.D. or Driver’s License. The green card is usually given to you after your interview at the local immigration office. Please call for current processing times.

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Travel Permits

Travel permits allow an applicant who has filed for permanent residency to return to the U.S. after foreign travel. Travel Permits can be valid for up to 1 year and can be used for multiple entries. There does not need to be an emergency to qualify for this type of travel permit and there is no need to obtain a visa before you return. Please call to see if you qualify for a travel permit.

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Re-Entry Permits

Re-entry permits allow a lawful permanent resident (i.e., green card holder) to stay outside the U.S. for up to 2 years without abandoning their green card. Please call to discuss.

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Fiancé Visas

Fiancé visas (K-1) are for U.S. citizens who wish to bring their fiancés to the United States to marry. Upon entry, the fiancé is given 90 days to marry. To qualify for a fiancé visa, you must have physically met the person you are marrying within the past two years. Sufficient evidence of the physical meeting is required. Fiancé visas can be issued in cases where the fiancé was denied a tourist visa or student visa. Please call for current time frames.

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Spousal Visas

Spousal visas (K-3) allow a U.S. citizens to bring their spouse to the United States quicker than the traditional immigrant visa route. Once in the United States, the foreign spouse is able to adjust status. A work permit, as well as a social security card and California I.D. or Driver’s License, is available after their entry into the U.S. Please call for current time frames.

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Student Visas

If you are currently in the United States as a visitor and would like to attend an English language school, college or university, you may be eligible to change your status in the United States without having to apply for a student visa abroad. The paperwork is filed through the mail and a decision is made without the need for an interview. Please call to see if you qualify for a student visa.

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Tourist Visas

If you are currently in the United States on a visitor visa in B-1 or B-2 status, you may be eligible to extend you stay for an additional amount of time (i.e., up to 6 months). After an extension, you may then be eligible to change or adjust your status depending upon your situation. Please call to discuss.

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U.S. Citizenship

For those who have held a green card for at least 5 years (3 years for those married to U.S. citizens), you may be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. U.S. Citizenship allows you to travel on a U.S. passport and vote in upcoming elections. Please call to see if you qualify for citizenship.

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Attorney Profile

Richard S. Kolomejec
Attorney at Law
930 Montgomery Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94133
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Fax: (415) 433-7207
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Santa Clara University, in Santa Clara, California in 1989
  • Law Degree from McGeorge School of Law (UOP), in Sacramento, California in 1992
  • Admitted to the California State Bar in 1993
  • Member of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) since 1993
  • Member of San Francisco Bar Association’s Low-Fee Immigration Panel since 1999
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"Richard is hands down the best immigration lawyer!! Today we had our interview and Richard came all the way down to San Jose to be there with us. From the beginning he made us feel so confident that my hubby will get a green card and indeed he did! We literally talked to multiple lawyers in San Jose and San Francisco and they all said his case was too complex. Richard made it seem so easy! I love you Richard!! Oh and Richard is a good looking lawyer too. Lol double plus!"
Jennifer P.
San Jose, CA

I was fortunate to find Richard. He is a great professional! I had no problems and my case was resolved successfully and quickly!! Thanks Richard!!
Ana A.
San Francisco, CA


I've hired other "lawyers", and one took my payment and left the country! Other one was real state attorney who was doing "immigration"! Those never finished work, and I was very skeptical when it comes to hiring a great immigration attorney.

Richard changed my perspective by actually getting things done in 3 months!! He's very much like cut to the chase lawyer who helped me sort out my complicated situation. I am very thankful and only to wish him keep doing more fabulous work! :)

If you are looking for an absolutely amazing immigration attorney, Richard is the GO TO lawyer! :)"
Julia S.
Danville, CA

"Hands down amazing! Charges a flat fee, no making up hourly rates as you go along. He gives it to you straight, no sideways talk. Always honest, and cherry on the sundae he has a great sense of humor. Impressed is an understatement."
Alicea P.
San Francisco, CA

"Richard has been my immigration lawyer since January 2005 I got my permanent residence through him and am now applying for my US citizenship. He is very efficient and courteous and kept me well informed as to the process. I have recommended him to several people and will continue to do so. I have heard horror stories about other lawyers and am glad I found Richard, his rates are very reasonable and knows his stuff."
Julie C.
San Francisco, CA

"Richard is an excellent lawyer! He is kind, fast and very organized. He explained the immigration process with simple words and he was always available to answer my questions. He will guide you step by step through the process in person, by email or by phone. I keep recommending him to all my friends."
Fabiola A.
San Francisco, CA

"I have heard a lot of horror stories in the Irish community about how bad their immigration lawyer messed up. One person was then sent to Richard and was told straight up the problems, and how to fix it. I heard about him from a German friend, and recently used him for a green card. Professional, friendly, and very organized. He'll give you a list of the things you need to get together, he'll go over what you need to do in the interview, and he'll be there with you every step of the way. It is not that much money for his services, and WORTH IT!! Best there is! Use him!"
Katie C.
San Francisco, CA

"Very courteous, efficient and competent. Referral was from a friend who told me the same, and i have never been happier with a lawyer.Good work, Richard."
Odhran M.
San Francisco, CA

"Richard is absolutely the best. Very knowledgeable, kind and super competent!"
Alexandre M.
Oakland, CA

"A review here that mentioned problems with Irish related immigration lawyers rang bells with me so I called Richard. He spoke with me on the phone for a good 15 - 20 minutes, free of charge, and gave me excellent advice. I am very impressed by his professional manner, his kindness and courteousness. This is a clear headed, focused lawyer who sees the problem and not the money. He has given me peace of mind and gets my business from now on."
Guy B.
San Francisco, CA

"I called up Mr. Kolomejec with an immigration question and he answered it quickly and confidently over the phone, for no charge. Seems like a good guy. If I need to hire an immigration attorney in the future, I will definitely go to him."
Estevan M.
San Francisco, CA

"Richard was excellent! He was efficient, courteous and organized! He helped me with my Green Card petition and guess what? The process was SPEEDY!! I was called for an interview just few days after he submitted the paperwork. After finished with the interview I asked the lady who interviewed me, how long it would take to receive the Green Card. She said:"approximately a year after the date of the interview". I said, Ok, great! But again, guess what???? I got the Green Card in the mail within a WEEK after the interview date. I was jumping around with joy and disbelieve A WEEK!! A MIRACLE!! Thank you so much Richard. I think in the next few days I will be coming to you again for my Citizenship petition. Keep up the great work!!"
Jasmijn L.
San Francisco, CA

"Richard helped my husband and I with my husband's green card application/paperwork. Knowing that there's lots of attorneys in the area who specialize in the same thing, here is what sets Richard apart -- He is a genuinely nice and pleasant person. Add to that his competence, organization, and no surprises billing (He tells you up front exactly how much everything will cost). Wow - a refreshing change from a lot of the pompous, annoying, egotistical attorneys who are out there. I generally have a strong dislike of dealing with attorneys and specifically chose not to go to law school because I decided I didn't possess the requisite levels of egomania. Richard is a totally different story, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is dealing with an immigration matter."
Kristen K.
Sunnyvale, CA

"He resolved my life i'm from italy was in a really bad situation i chose him over many friends suggestion... went to see him,i decide to start my case with him... 1 year after... i can tell you he is the best,really honest person and always with a smile.THANK YOU RICHARD."
Adrian M.
San Francisco, CA

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